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Big Daddy Chicken

Deliver healthy,
fresh & delicious
chickens to your doorstep

Five-Star Ingredients
Price of Hawker Stalls

​​Using ingredients imported from Southeast Asia, it took us six months to continuously develop and improve,


Big Daddy Chicken's team at last had selected 8 classic and unique flavors out of the 35 flavors.


Wild Mushroom


Green Curry



Indonesian Herb


Absolute taste of the classics and exclusives.

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You might want to know

1. I would like to have both chicken chops and chicken breasts. Do I need to order separately?

No no! You may mix & match any chicken chops, breasts and flavors,

2. Is the chicken raw?

Yes, Big Daddy Chicken uses advanced vacuum packing and blast freezing technology.

Cooking from raw-marinated chicken can greatly maintain the freshness and taste of the chicken.

3. How to cook?

We recommend four simple cooking methods –

Pan-fry, air fryer, oven bake, or even boiling!

Boiling of chicken breast in aluminium packaging is highly recommended for fitness enthusiast. Chicken chops shall be fried with a little oil for heavenly taste.

4. Free shipping?

Of course!

Order 10pcs and above to enjoy free shipping,

Frozen delivery nationwide, assure that you are receiving the freshest products from us.

5. Pick up service available?

Big Daddy Chicken does not have a self-pickup location. All orders will be delivered to your doorstep.

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Taste the 8 Heavenly Flavors 



Unlike the typical original flavour you’ve ever tasted.


Try out the freshest and juiciest original marinated chicken chop and breast from Big Daddy Chicken.

Wild Mushroom

Mushroom and chicken, the classic combination. Popular amongst families with kids.

Fresh and refined as if you are close to nature.



Big Daddy Chicken's exclusive. The coffee roasted crust and the juicy meat texture, which compliment the chicken, give it a try even you're not a fan of coffee.

Just like life, bitterness and sweetness are included in it, must try!

All Flavours


I know what you are thinking, this is definitely not the lavender fragrance that you might have smelled of.


Feel the familiar but indescribable smell and taste while cooking. Add some greens for the balance of salty and savory taste.


The must try Baba and Nyonya flavour.


Sweet and sour in taste, with a little spicy touch, will remind you of the traditional Malacca.


​Green Curry

Thai style green curry, taste the sweet, spicy and fragrant chicken.


Excite yourself with a tastebud trip to Thailand.



The authentic Malaysian flavour, with all the local spices and especially the signature curry leaves used, you wouldn’t want to miss it.


Mari cuba lah…!


​Indonesian Herb

Combination of lemongrass and authentic Indonesian spices, 

As soon as I take a bite, the sharp taste of spices land on my tongue.

Price Menu

Sweet offer for a sweet person like you

Original price 10pcs at RM150

Grab the set now at RM129
Have it delivered freezing-cold to your doorstep​
​And still, enjoy Free Shipping provided by Big Daddy Chicken.

(Klang Valley, Seremban, Melaka, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Penang, Kedah, Perlis)


👇Click the package below to place an order👇
Set A
5pcs chicken chop / breast
​RM64.50 (+Delivery RM15)
Set B
10pcs chicken chop / breast
​RM129 FREE Delivery
Set C
22pcs FREE 2pcs chop / breast
​RM283.80 FREE Delivery

WhatsApp to Order/Enquiry
011-1191 7885 (Jiji)

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